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Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 2

            Once again I can not tell you guys enough how lucky I am to be on a mission. Mission life is great, I'm tired most of the time but besides that I could do this for a very long time. I first want to state how lucky I am to be here in the California Arcadia mission... I truly was meant to come here, or at least I hope I was because I am one lucky missionary! The people in the ward are amazing! Some of them are kinda questionable but I love them none the less. The Armenian people... I can't imagine what they are all going through at the moment. So I don't know if any of you know this but there has been some bombings in Armenia according to some of the Armenian's in our ward they are at war. It's a really hard time, it brings me to tears just knowing that a lot of them have family in Armenian and there is nothing they can do about it. And it makes me even sadder when they don't listen to what we have to to say about the gospel. If you could keep them in your prayers that would be great, don't pray for me but pray for them. That their eyes and ears may be opened to what we have to say and that they can be comforted by the Holy Ghost that they may what we are saying is true and that family is for all eternity. I didn't think that the mission would be hard in this sense. Where as I thought it was so easy until my heart was taken by the people. I think I some what know how the Holy Ghost feels. He has something so important for these people, he wants nothing but for them to listen and be changed by what he has to say. He's even willing to help them the rest of their lives all they need to do is have that want. That want to change, that want to be better, and that want to except the gospel into their lives...

            On a more upbeat note as we all know it was General Conference weekend!!! Woot woot! Man oh man I'm just going to say that I love the general authorities! They are the coolest guys in the world. If you were to look up the definition of cool in my personal dictionary the whole page would be filled with all of them! They give us the most valuable information that no internet source or book (Besides the Book of Mormon) could give us. So first of all I want to give a shout out them and how much they work for and love us. General Conference as a missionary is totally different. It's not just about chilling with the family in our PJ's anymore! As a missionary I find not only inspiration for myself but also for my investigators and the people I serve in my Mission. I found out a ton of stuff that will help so many people as well as myself. The talk by David A. Bendar was amazing, it was directed for us missionaries I think. But whats also cool is I was able to learn so much of how I can be a priesthood holder, a better child of god, a leader as well as a follower, but most importantly how I can be a better father in the future. The General Conference not only gave me revelation in the present moment as a missionary but for the future as a husband and as a father. I'll be able to go back to these note I've taken years from now and be filled with the same spirit as I had received them. I think that's pretty cool. My favorite talked were basically all of the 12 apostles talks as well as Mary Durham, Gary Stevensen, Steven Snow, Jario Mazzagardi, you know what they were all amazing!!!!!!! But my favorite quote well at least one of them was "The greatest leaders are the greatest followers." -Stephen Owen. Let us have faith and wax strong in our Lords church. Follow, Lead, Charity, example. Our belief should lead our daily actions. Let the celestial beings inside of us shine. But most of all have FAITH>everything.

            To end this I'd just like to bare my testimony on the truthfulness of this gospel. I know that will dedication and through the striving of bettering ourselves on a daily we can use the Atonement to the it's full advantage. If we keep a life focused on Christ and His example we will be led and guided through the thick and through the thin. If we pray with humble hearts and search diligently in our lives through the scriptures and through our prophets we will receive revelation. We have a loving Prophet in our day who receives revelation distinctively for us individually through the Holy Ghost. I love this church to death! Oh quick invitation... Share the gospel with somebody! I write these things in his name, Jesus Christ, amen. 

-Elder Stucki









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