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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Early Prep Day! Week 3

  So it been not to long since my last email because of the early P day this week. It was changed because we went to the LA Temple today!!! Geez that was a cool experience. That is by far my favorite temple I've even been to. We then went to Forest Law and saw "The Crucifixion" painting which is the biggest one in the USA, it spreads across this huge amphitheater! IT WAS AMAZING... So to sum up today it was definitely a good one. 

             This week was good. We decided to go contacting on Elk Street, because my spirit animal is an elk and that's where the spirit prompted me to go. We are going along and getting the usual "Not interested" and the couple of nice people who talked with us but didn't really care about what we had to say. It wasn't until the last house on the street that we met a man named Moses. He was sitting out on the porch with his mother and we approached them asking how they were doing. It turns out they were from Armenia but Moses was raised here. He was to interested in what we had to say until we bore testimony. The Spirit totally wiped him off his feet and he invited us in, unfortunately we had to go so we scheduled an appointment with him the following day. Before we even got there he texted us asking if we were going to be there!!! We taught him the Restoration of the Church and he was feeling it and we were too! It got to the point where I felt it was right and I extended an invention to him to get baptized. He said "Yes". I was so excited!!! We then planned a date that he would get baptized and he was really into it. He said he had to set it for the following month though because he was about to have a surgery the following week. I told him that I just go over one and then asked what surgery he was having. To my surprise he was having the same kind of cyst removed as I had, and at this point and was freaking out inside. He then told me it was in the same place as mine as well. I was totally freaking out! I was thinking holy cow met this dude on Elk Street, had a similar past as me and was getting a cyst removed in the exact place I did literally 10 weeks previously. I was pumped and gave him my favorite scripture and invited him to read from the Book of Mormon! We scheduled again for the next day to see how he was doing. When we showed up he straight up told us that he was going to take a break because he had to much going on in his life... I was devastated... I thought that God planned this out perfectly, I thought that this was one of the reasons why I was serving a mission and then all of a sudden, poof. No more interest, no more intention, nothing. After prayer and thought that it's okay though. He will find his time eventually, it may not be today or this month but I know that his heart is in the right place and eventually he will...  I've just got to keep a positive outlook and learn from this. Even though it might have looked like it was from God and that it was going to happen in that very moment I realized that things take time. Especially life long commitments where much is required; faith, hope, and enduring to the end. I've learned you can't rush something so important, especially something that is forever. But I also learned to never give up, because even though I feel like dropping this investigator because he so bluntly said "no." I KNOW where his heart is, and I KNOW that through the spirit he will be ready to make that life long commitment of joining the greatest organization of this Earth. I'll keep the hope for now! 

            Anyways guys thanks for reading my boring letters! Here are a few photo's that I took. #NOFILTER #IVEGOTSPIRITSALLAROUND

-Elder Stucki




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