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Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 10 Coming Clean

    Oh Geez I've put all my time into sending photos I don't have much time to write. But this week has been fire as always! We have done a lot of stuff this week, we've done service and door knocking. We taught 15 lessons this last week which is really good. The reason for this title is because I didn't find any new information on keeping the Sabbath day holy. Sorry but it is a really special day, a day that we give to the Lord. You guys are so awesome! Thanks for reading this! 

     This week I started a new way to fast. It's called a 40 day fast. You probably have already heard about it but if you haven't let me tell you. It's not fasting from food or water for 40 days but you fast from something you want to improve on. For an example I'm "fasting" from saying; Dude, bro, man, and dog. I'm doing my best to represent Jesus Christ and I don't think he talks like that to be honest... I'm also "fasting" from being late (In general) So go and try it! Prayerfully think of something that will help you on your journey to becoming a Celestial being, like Christ, and prayerfully start your fast. I promise that the Lord will help you because you are doing it to follow Him. 

-Loving with Peace and giving Blessings- 
-Elder Stucki

Two weeks worth of pictures:

I fell asleep in the car. NOT a habit a should get into!

This is my amazing zone. Dang these are such good looking people!

​This bundle of joy is Eva! We have been going to her house every week since I got here on the mission. We help her older brother with his homework (He's only 9). While my companions help him I usually get to play with her and she's so cute! Sadly he doesn't have school anymore so we are going to stop going over, hopefully one day they will join the church!!! ( I probably blinded her with this picture:)

​We usually are fed at Brother and Sister Riggs house every week. These are my companions with Elder Fu, Elder Baguely, and Brother Riggs. The Riggs are super nice people and I love them so much!!!

​This is my room, and my closet, and my study... Where I sleep, study, change, work out, pray, eat, pretty much everything I do is all in this space... I love it!

​"The Purpose of Life" This is in the main office building... It's missing the mission field though, but that's okay... Nobody is perfect.

​Sometime I'm so square I workout in my profs. 

​This is after Family Home Evening! Woot! We have Bro. Riggs, Eligio, Elder Fu, and Bagugly.

​Eligio and I. He's one of my good friends here, and he is a very very "unique" child of God.

​This is a selfie with Jerry and I. Weird angle because he can't walk so when we visited him he still hadn't gotten up for the day. He is a really good guy, he is going through a lot though... I love this old Armenian fart with all my heart.

​Cali is beautiful!

​Cut my own hair! Bewya!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 9 #Blessed

           Hey guys!!!! Just another day in paradise here in the life of a missionary! #Blessed. At the beginning of the week we  hit square one, we lost our two baptismal dates and we're back at zero investigators. Which isn't bad because we are doing the work, and we are doing it at 110% so it doesn't matter. Blessings are pouring from the heavens we just can't see them at the moment. Well at least until we met this dude named Guillermo, we had an amazing lesson with him on Tuesday! At the end of it he said "I just feel so much peace right now it's weird" and we pretty much told him that was the Holy Ghost! We have another lesson with him tomorrow, it should be pretty fire! 

            So besides that there hasn't been much going on lately. We are just keeping busy doing the Lord's work and I honestly love it! The five pad that we are in is a little cramped. Mornings are crazy as well. We have someone in the shower while somebody is on the toilet while the another is shaving. So we are getting to know each other pretty well at this point. The new Elder who came during transfers this last week is Elder Fu. He is from Bai Shig and is super awesome! We have been playing board games and poker every night now and it has been relieving a lot of stress. Haha today I ran out of spinach which is my usual breakfast with an egg and apple so I'm not thinking like a normal person.  I put five eggs and a bottle of coconut water in the blender and drank that for breakfast. I could have easily gone for the oat meal... Lets just say I wont be doing that again. 

          I've been thinking of ways I can edify my weekly email readers and this week I thought of the topic of Sabbath day observance. I never knew how bad I was on Sundays until I came out on the mission. Holy Cow! Anyways I've come up with quite a bit of information pertaining to the Sabbath day and how we can improve our lives significantly by keeping this day a special one we give to the Lord. Yeah that's right this is our day we give to the Lord! So go and study in your Book of Mormons and on Gospel Library and get back to me by next Monday. I will then do the same. Good luck. Sorry I don't have any photos today. I brought the wrong cable with me to get them off my camera. Have a beautiful week filled with the Spirit and remember who we are trying to become. Our greatest self versions. Aka like our Heavenly Father.

-Peace, blessings, and love be with you... Peace- 
-Elder Stucki

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 8??? Is it bad I don't know?

I attempted to eat the biggest burrito I've ever seen today! And oh my gosh it was crazy!!! The challenge is called "Big Burtha" and you have to finish this burrito that is upwards to 4 pounds! If you finish it you go up on the wall of fame and and you get a free tee shirt. Sadly I didn't finish it, I took the wrong approach to eating it... Have any ideas on how to prep myself guys? My goal is to do it one day.
Last night we went on splits and I was with Elder Astel, gees he is a good guy! Everything was smooth today and I enjoyed his company a ton! We had one lady say that we failed our mission and that if we ever showed up again to her house she would call the cops on us... Weird! Then this other lady called and said that she signed a blood pact with this guy and she is married to him to the death now, I guess she has Demons following her now and stuff and we are going to help her out I guess. That was freaking interesting, and I'm sure it will be interesting when we "Go to help her out" I'm wondering if it's going to be like a horror movie with all that kind of stuff haha! But we gave Linda a Book of Mormon and she was super happy and was feeling the spirit super strongly! Good day! I got a poster from Eliqal... Of KRAMMER!!!
For all those who are reading this know that I have the best Mother in the world. So besides my mom being the best mom ever it was Elder Cocas birthday today 🎉🎂
A lot has happened today. Woke up this morning and started moving all of our study room into our bedroom because guess what? The G1 Elders are living with us now and we are crammed tight in the bedroom. So that's pretty fun, but that's not the best part. The best part of it all is that I had my first baptism today!!! Woot woot 🎉🎉🎉 it was great! We sang Angles we have heard on high for the opening and the closing. Brother Edward is now officially apart of the church! It was amazing to be apart of the whole thing and I'm so grateful I was able to partake, partake of the CAKE! 🎂 Anyways it was cool because after he came up to me and said that it was because of me that he decided to be baptized and it warmed me up a whole ton. Even though there is literally nothing I did! Heavenly Father sure does work in mysterious ways... Anyways it was a blessing and a half.
I love Sunday's here on the mission. I never realized how important church is and how blessed we are to be able to go every week. Before it was something I did because it was just why we did, but now I've come to realize just how much of a blessing it is! Geez all I can say is that this church is true! So we were finishing up weekly planning
and we get this call from this woman crying saying she needs us to pray with her. We have no idea who she is but we show up to her boyfriends apartment and its in some pent house (Rich dude, I know why she's dating him) but besides that it was a sad situation. He used to be in the church but left, she used to be Catholic but stopped going and so now they basically left God behind and that's when her sickness started kicking in she said. We going to give her a blessing tomorrow and then the give her off to the sister missionaries. It's really sad and I feel super bad for her...
Today we moved Elder Astel out of the house. He was transferred into another area and it was sad to see him go. So I'm with Elder Baguley right now at the car wash writing this. Geez I'm loving the mission right now. Sadly we dropped our two investigators with baptismal dates, they stopped having interest all of a sudden and it was sad to let them go. I guess you can't save them all... So we are back to zero investigators... It's okay though! We just have to keep doing our best, the blessings will come and if we don't see them I'm sure other people are.

So that's what happened during this week! Thank you guys for the love and support! We as a zone were super fortunate to have a photographer in our ward so we got some pictures! Don't go to crazy over them okay?
Haha anyways I need you guys at home to do me favor... SHARE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!! Thanks :) And this is my favorite picture of Christ because when I was little I told my Mom that I was the boy Jesus was holding and she was the girl in the river. Her husband (now ex) asked how my mom got in the river and I looked at him and said, "You pushed her." Our Savior will help us through anything... He loves us. So much. Never forget that...

"Big Burtha"







Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 7 Missionary Mother's Day

     To start this weeks email off I want to say happy Mothers day to all the amazing Moms reading this! You are the best! Go listen to "Behold thy Mother" by Jeffery R. Holland, one of my top talks. But basically all the Mothers reading this and especially my Mom (Love you by the way) you all are the freaking best!!! Keep being awesome!

      So good news... With much prayer and hard work we've come to the jackpot of blessings! We have two wonderful Armenians that are on date to be baptized!!! Woot woot lemme hear that the church is true!!! Short and sweet this week guys but next week I'll be filling you on a ton of deets. But what we are looking forward to this week is some lessons with our investigators, hopefully we will be able to go to the temple with them and check it out, we also have another Armenian family interested so we have a busy week this week!

Part of Elder Stucki's letter to his mom:     
     I've come to the conclusion that men have periods too because I'm am so emotional right now 😭 Literally every talk I've listened to this morning is making me get teary eyed. I didn't think it would this emotional taxing, I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday! Mom this church is freaking true. I need a wife in the future mom, that is super duper strong in the church (like Megan;) but seriously though, the times that we are coming to are going to be extremely hard, harder than they are now. The family unit is being attacked, persecuted, and becoming something obscure. It is only through strong faith in the Lord that we will be able to strengthen this family unit. But that doesn't come at an easy cost. It WILL be difficult, but with the help of our Savior and by the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven we will overcome these obstacles, we will overcome the ruthless persecution of the adversary and we will overcome death and live with our family's for eternity. (I'm crying at this point btw) But it won't be easy. And it will require much. But when it becomes so unbearable to stand we must carry on, but on our knees. Our Savior WILL help us through our most difficult obstacles, but it requires that we constantly throughout each and every single day rely on Him. Rely on His Atonement, and use it. Our Lord being the glorious, perfect, and eternal being He is has lived every single second with each and every one of us. He literally knows everything we are going through and has infinity and beyond, all the time on this world to help us out. He wants more than anything to help us, but it requires we become the best we can and strive to improve every single day for the rest of our lives.

     I'm going to come back to the reason why I need this strong lady in my life (someone like Megan Smart)
because I need someone who is willing to give it all, through the thick and the thin to do our best in becoming perfect on this earth at the things we can be perfect in. I need her because she knows how important it is to have Christ in every aspect of our lives. I need her because the Spirit tells me so, and I know that to be true. (Great
I'm crying again) I know if I live in harmony with the Spirit and make every conscious decision that of which is supported by the Spirit I will end up with her.  Because I know that she is willing to do the same, and if we have the same mind pointing to the same ending we will be able to accomplish much. 
Last night I was thinking how hard it is going to be for my children in they're generation. Much harder than it was for me that's for sure. That is the reason why it is so vital that the Spirit is our guide. Because without Him I am nothing, for as to my strength I am week, so I will not boast in my own strength but I will boast of the strength of my Lord. For in him I can do all things. Live the commandment worthily, attend sacrament every week without fail, rely on the Lord and His Atonement, and strengthen the love and unity in the family and our God will bless us. The gospel is eternal, which means we need it always and will need it forever. It is an infinite and eternal circle/process that infinity grows. We grow in faith, which leads us to action, which leads us to a challenge we over come which bring us more faith. But it is so important that we continuously use it... This is the main reason why we attend church every week, it's to keep that process in motion. In the preach my gospel manual is states. Faith in Christ; repentance; making, renewing, and keeping covenants; and being cleansed by the Spirit becomes a pattern of living.

-Peace and Blessings- 
-Elder Stucki


This first picture is me elder coca and elder doermann with Shaina when we were setting up for her farewell. 

The sunset picture was when we were walking to our investigators house. 

and the last is some of the Elders in my zone.