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Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 10 Coming Clean

    Oh Geez I've put all my time into sending photos I don't have much time to write. But this week has been fire as always! We have done a lot of stuff this week, we've done service and door knocking. We taught 15 lessons this last week which is really good. The reason for this title is because I didn't find any new information on keeping the Sabbath day holy. Sorry but it is a really special day, a day that we give to the Lord. You guys are so awesome! Thanks for reading this! 

     This week I started a new way to fast. It's called a 40 day fast. You probably have already heard about it but if you haven't let me tell you. It's not fasting from food or water for 40 days but you fast from something you want to improve on. For an example I'm "fasting" from saying; Dude, bro, man, and dog. I'm doing my best to represent Jesus Christ and I don't think he talks like that to be honest... I'm also "fasting" from being late (In general) So go and try it! Prayerfully think of something that will help you on your journey to becoming a Celestial being, like Christ, and prayerfully start your fast. I promise that the Lord will help you because you are doing it to follow Him. 

-Loving with Peace and giving Blessings- 
-Elder Stucki

Two weeks worth of pictures:

I fell asleep in the car. NOT a habit a should get into!

This is my amazing zone. Dang these are such good looking people!

​This bundle of joy is Eva! We have been going to her house every week since I got here on the mission. We help her older brother with his homework (He's only 9). While my companions help him I usually get to play with her and she's so cute! Sadly he doesn't have school anymore so we are going to stop going over, hopefully one day they will join the church!!! ( I probably blinded her with this picture:)

​We usually are fed at Brother and Sister Riggs house every week. These are my companions with Elder Fu, Elder Baguely, and Brother Riggs. The Riggs are super nice people and I love them so much!!!

​This is my room, and my closet, and my study... Where I sleep, study, change, work out, pray, eat, pretty much everything I do is all in this space... I love it!

​"The Purpose of Life" This is in the main office building... It's missing the mission field though, but that's okay... Nobody is perfect.

​Sometime I'm so square I workout in my profs. 

​This is after Family Home Evening! Woot! We have Bro. Riggs, Eligio, Elder Fu, and Bagugly.

​Eligio and I. He's one of my good friends here, and he is a very very "unique" child of God.

​This is a selfie with Jerry and I. Weird angle because he can't walk so when we visited him he still hadn't gotten up for the day. He is a really good guy, he is going through a lot though... I love this old Armenian fart with all my heart.

​Cali is beautiful!

​Cut my own hair! Bewya!

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