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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 6 - Run Away Dolphin

     So I'm sorry for the delay in letters, there has been a shortage of visible blessings which means a lot of knocking on doors with little things to note. I know you're probably wondering what the title of this email is but I'll get to that later. Let's just say it was one of the most eventful things that has happened on the mission.

      I first want to start off by saying how dang important this work is here on earth, and how awesomely blessed we are to be on the earth at a time where the church is restored. And secondly I want to apologize again, but this time I'm apologizing because I'm sorry you have to read my letters for the next two years... I'm going to give you a little overview of my area... Hmmm how can I put this, let's just say that my area is not a piece of cake, it is the opposite. A piece of poop is the correct way to put it. About two years ago there was a Armenian member who told all the Armenians he knew that if they joined to church they would get money, there was about 60 members because of that little fib. Once they stopped receiving welfare from the church they stopped coming. Now there is a total of about 10 Armenians that come to church, and three of them are moving to Utah and those three people are probably the most normal people I know in the ward. Cutest family! I'm glad they are moving to Utah though. Along the lines of Utah I've decided is amazing. Before the mission I wanted to live in Cali but now after living here haha I'm sold on living the rest of my life in Utah! 

     Okay but back to the ward I'm in. Ugh there is so much to say and honestly I'm so confused about the whole thing, my brain is in 20 different places at once! Learning Armenian is also way hard when you never speak it, I need to work on that more often... Oh but back to the ward! If something big doesn't happen within the next 6 months they are closing down the Armenian group, there simply is not enough attendance... We are working so hard and literally doing our best to get results but nothing seems to work. It's difficult... But I know if I give my 100% the Lord will make up the rest, because this is his work and if He wants it done a certain way He's going to get it done. 

     So you're probably thinking "Wow... Sounds like it's pretty hard, but where does this run a way dolphin come into play?" Haha I'll tell you! So we were heading back from grocery shopping last P Day to change our laundry, we pull into the place and we see this random cart with a huge stuffed animal dolphin rolling down the street going towards on coming traffic. It was hilarious! 

     Anyways we have this family that we the Armenian Elders call family (The Burrows) They are the sweetest people you could ever meet! They're daughter just got a mission call to Nicaragua and I'm way excited for her! She's going to have a blast! It's cool because before she opened her call see was like "I'm going to Nicaragua" which totally came random to her because who guesses that? But anyways she opened the call and BOOM guess where she's going! It's super cool. We just had a taco party auction thing on Saturday and it was way cool, I bought some weights! Woot woot! Well anyways I'm going to head out but sorry for this crazy letter, I'm trying to get organized in my brain but it's proving to be quite difficult at the moment so my letter kinda describes that. But what I can say is that this church is true, Heavenly Father loves us so freaking much and His Son Jesus Christ is literally the coolest guy ever. Thank you everyone for all the support and blessings you're giving me! :)

-Peace & Love- Elder Stucki

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