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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 7 Missionary Mother's Day

     To start this weeks email off I want to say happy Mothers day to all the amazing Moms reading this! You are the best! Go listen to "Behold thy Mother" by Jeffery R. Holland, one of my top talks. But basically all the Mothers reading this and especially my Mom (Love you by the way) you all are the freaking best!!! Keep being awesome!

      So good news... With much prayer and hard work we've come to the jackpot of blessings! We have two wonderful Armenians that are on date to be baptized!!! Woot woot lemme hear that the church is true!!! Short and sweet this week guys but next week I'll be filling you on a ton of deets. But what we are looking forward to this week is some lessons with our investigators, hopefully we will be able to go to the temple with them and check it out, we also have another Armenian family interested so we have a busy week this week!

Part of Elder Stucki's letter to his mom:     
     I've come to the conclusion that men have periods too because I'm am so emotional right now 😭 Literally every talk I've listened to this morning is making me get teary eyed. I didn't think it would this emotional taxing, I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday! Mom this church is freaking true. I need a wife in the future mom, that is super duper strong in the church (like Megan;) but seriously though, the times that we are coming to are going to be extremely hard, harder than they are now. The family unit is being attacked, persecuted, and becoming something obscure. It is only through strong faith in the Lord that we will be able to strengthen this family unit. But that doesn't come at an easy cost. It WILL be difficult, but with the help of our Savior and by the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven we will overcome these obstacles, we will overcome the ruthless persecution of the adversary and we will overcome death and live with our family's for eternity. (I'm crying at this point btw) But it won't be easy. And it will require much. But when it becomes so unbearable to stand we must carry on, but on our knees. Our Savior WILL help us through our most difficult obstacles, but it requires that we constantly throughout each and every single day rely on Him. Rely on His Atonement, and use it. Our Lord being the glorious, perfect, and eternal being He is has lived every single second with each and every one of us. He literally knows everything we are going through and has infinity and beyond, all the time on this world to help us out. He wants more than anything to help us, but it requires we become the best we can and strive to improve every single day for the rest of our lives.

     I'm going to come back to the reason why I need this strong lady in my life (someone like Megan Smart)
because I need someone who is willing to give it all, through the thick and the thin to do our best in becoming perfect on this earth at the things we can be perfect in. I need her because she knows how important it is to have Christ in every aspect of our lives. I need her because the Spirit tells me so, and I know that to be true. (Great
I'm crying again) I know if I live in harmony with the Spirit and make every conscious decision that of which is supported by the Spirit I will end up with her.  Because I know that she is willing to do the same, and if we have the same mind pointing to the same ending we will be able to accomplish much. 
Last night I was thinking how hard it is going to be for my children in they're generation. Much harder than it was for me that's for sure. That is the reason why it is so vital that the Spirit is our guide. Because without Him I am nothing, for as to my strength I am week, so I will not boast in my own strength but I will boast of the strength of my Lord. For in him I can do all things. Live the commandment worthily, attend sacrament every week without fail, rely on the Lord and His Atonement, and strengthen the love and unity in the family and our God will bless us. The gospel is eternal, which means we need it always and will need it forever. It is an infinite and eternal circle/process that infinity grows. We grow in faith, which leads us to action, which leads us to a challenge we over come which bring us more faith. But it is so important that we continuously use it... This is the main reason why we attend church every week, it's to keep that process in motion. In the preach my gospel manual is states. Faith in Christ; repentance; making, renewing, and keeping covenants; and being cleansed by the Spirit becomes a pattern of living.

-Peace and Blessings- 
-Elder Stucki


This first picture is me elder coca and elder doermann with Shaina when we were setting up for her farewell. 

The sunset picture was when we were walking to our investigators house. 

and the last is some of the Elders in my zone.

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