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Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 9 #Blessed

           Hey guys!!!! Just another day in paradise here in the life of a missionary! #Blessed. At the beginning of the week we  hit square one, we lost our two baptismal dates and we're back at zero investigators. Which isn't bad because we are doing the work, and we are doing it at 110% so it doesn't matter. Blessings are pouring from the heavens we just can't see them at the moment. Well at least until we met this dude named Guillermo, we had an amazing lesson with him on Tuesday! At the end of it he said "I just feel so much peace right now it's weird" and we pretty much told him that was the Holy Ghost! We have another lesson with him tomorrow, it should be pretty fire! 

            So besides that there hasn't been much going on lately. We are just keeping busy doing the Lord's work and I honestly love it! The five pad that we are in is a little cramped. Mornings are crazy as well. We have someone in the shower while somebody is on the toilet while the another is shaving. So we are getting to know each other pretty well at this point. The new Elder who came during transfers this last week is Elder Fu. He is from Bai Shig and is super awesome! We have been playing board games and poker every night now and it has been relieving a lot of stress. Haha today I ran out of spinach which is my usual breakfast with an egg and apple so I'm not thinking like a normal person.  I put five eggs and a bottle of coconut water in the blender and drank that for breakfast. I could have easily gone for the oat meal... Lets just say I wont be doing that again. 

          I've been thinking of ways I can edify my weekly email readers and this week I thought of the topic of Sabbath day observance. I never knew how bad I was on Sundays until I came out on the mission. Holy Cow! Anyways I've come up with quite a bit of information pertaining to the Sabbath day and how we can improve our lives significantly by keeping this day a special one we give to the Lord. Yeah that's right this is our day we give to the Lord! So go and study in your Book of Mormons and on Gospel Library and get back to me by next Monday. I will then do the same. Good luck. Sorry I don't have any photos today. I brought the wrong cable with me to get them off my camera. Have a beautiful week filled with the Spirit and remember who we are trying to become. Our greatest self versions. Aka like our Heavenly Father.

-Peace, blessings, and love be with you... Peace- 
-Elder Stucki

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