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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 4 MTC

Barev zez! Hello friends and family! I feel like I was just barely writing to you all. So with much work the language is getting better... Slowly but it's getting there. We talked to some of the TRC people after who are basically return missionaries from Armenia and they said that we are way ahead of schedule, which is good! The food is getting to me. But it's all good! I get to have a meeting with a surgeon on Monday to discuss a cyst that has recently developed. SOOO I get to have surgery while at the MTC! How fun is that? We actually get to leave to go to the hospital so that's a relief... Wish me luck! Life's to short to bring all of God's children unto him so do your best to share. If you EVER get the feeling (BY the way that the Holy Ghost) to share the message to someone do it! We can all be missionaries whether or not we are actually missionaries. I love all of you and I'm extremely grateful for all the love and support you give me. Remember who we are, remember who our Savior is... Children of God. PEACE ✌ 

-Elder Stucki









Mom sent a care package to Michael with donuts from her and orange Crush from Megan.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great News

Just got the best news! Michael's dad just texted me. He knows the District Branch President over Michael's district in the MTC and just found out Michael was made District Leader! How great is that? He also got a couple pictures too which made me the happiest missionary mama on the planet!



Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 3 MTC

 MTC life going good ladies and gents! Same old week just another P Day. Nothing crazy happened this week. Just continuing the struggle of the language. Our district just got huge! The old German's left on Tuesday and the new came in on Wednesday. There was a totally of 28 sisters and 11 elders. We're packed to the brim. Haha I feel like I was in there shoes yesterday. It feels good the be a veteran :) Choir is my favorite thing in the week. The director is awesome and tells awesome stories during the practice. I'll write down some of his stories for next time. We'll anyways love you all thanks for the support and prayers. See ya in a short two... P.S. Always remember our Savior, Jesus Christ. Always have him on your Mind, Heart, and Tongue. I promise that you will see a change in our life dramatically. -- Peace 

-Elder Stucki-


One of Elder Stucki's 2 companions


Companion #2

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 2 MTC

  •  Hey! Long time no see guys! I first want to thank everyone for the support and the prayers, it has helped me a lot and I'm super excited to be able to talk you all. My first thoughts of the MTC.... Oh boy, here we go. I loved it! The MTC is always filled to the brim with the spirit, everyone here is here for the Lord (Well most of them) and it is seriously the best. So far I've had many many spiritually moments during all times of the day. I just got over this horrible cold that sucked really bad but I survived so we are good :) The food here is actually pretty good, that been said if you like having hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously though, they serve; hamburger with mushroom, hamburger with beans, hamburger with gravy, hamburger with hamburger. That character (Pete?) I think that's his name from Popi the sailor man, (I was him for Halloween that one year) he would love being here at the MTC! The Lords work on this earth is amazing. I'm so privileged to be able to be a missionary and to be able to give two years to him. I don't find it enough time, I actually wish it was longer. I have to opportunity to represent Christ our Savior and bring friends and families to there Celestial life. It's truly amazing. But what's crazy is you guys have the same opportunity! Visit the temple as regularly as possible! You are literally giving your brothers and sisters the ability to live with the ones they love forever and ever. My challenge you those who are reading this is be worthy to go to the temple every week, and if you have your recommend, GO! The work you do in the temple is just as important as the work I'm doing today.

My visit last week to the temple was amazing. I saw the old video again, I like it, but the newer one is so much better in my opinion. Once entering the Celestial room I was at totally peace. I was at peace before but nothing to that extent. All and every worry was gone and I was able to clearly connect with the Spirit with ease. Going into a corner to be by myself and feel peace I poured my heart unto my Lord my God, thanking him for the wonderful opportunity I had to be at the temple doing work for those who can not. Then all of a sudden I heard much commotion around me, I interrupted my prayer to make sure I wasn't in the way of anyone but to my surprise there was no body moving around me, everyone was still in there seats enjoying their experience. I continued to pray and the commotion and voices around me increased. After that I was overwhelmed with the Spirit, I knew that the commotion around me was a reunion. A reunion of the many people reuniting with there families. I was honored to be there rejoicing with them, I was honored to be able to help them out. 

This next part is straight from my journal... I have a testimony of fasting. Lately I've been really struggling; with confidence, my faith, especially with the language, but mostly with myself. I decided to fast to find out answers to questions about my focus. What my focus was on, what it should be on, and how I can get it there. During the day I struggled... I was looking for many answers but none seemed to come. It wasn't until Sister Olsen came to me asking if I could give her a blessing later that night. My focus on myself transferred to her and her needs. From then on the day went really well. In gym I had a great attitude and felt great! ( A little weak though because I was fasting but it was good :) Once I got into class after after eating dinner I was extremely depressed. I thought I was a good for nothing missionary who couldn't remember what I was taught five minutes earlier. I went back to class where I told Brother Wahl that I couldn't do it, that "I can't learn the language" he then told me, (It was a ton of Armenian but the main idea of it was) you can't say "I can't". Saying it is like denying the Atonement. I was hurt, I was hurt at myself for saying "I can't" for pretty much saying I don't have faith in my savior Jesus Christ. I almost started to cry... He then went forward by giving me and Elder Webb the lesson we were planning on giving to him. He talked of Christ, why we pray, and what we want to accomplish. I was overwhelmed with the Spirit. I knew from then that there was something at play. It was time for our lesson now. My companion Sister North ( For the fake lesson) asked what we were going to say, I told her that we were going to go by the Spirit. We go in there and my mind goes blank, I call unto God asking for help and words started spilling from my lips. I knew then it wasn't me but my Fathers Spirit helping me out. The lesson was still edgy but the Spirit was strong.

After it came time for the blessing. What I said will be between those who listened and my Lord my God but lets just say it was the most spiritual moment of my life. Instead of the words in the lesson which were being brought from my memory the words I spoke then came from direct revelation. They spoke to both me and Sister Olsen and to those who were in the room. I want to end by saying I know my redeemer lives, I believe so much that I know his church is true and that the Spirit can work through direct revelation. I love my Father in heaven, I know that because of our Savior we can do all things through the Spirit and in the end live with our families for all eternity. 

The MTC has been a mental roller coaster for sure, I can testify of that. But with faith it's possible, it's even possible for me to learn this crazy stinking language. love you all, continue to always remember our Savior and go do his work in the temple! Thanks for the supports talk to you all later.... PS I send more photos don't worry!

-Elder Stucki





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