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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 11 #HCIFYSITDLTFIGT (How Can I feed Your Sheep If They Don't Like The Food I Give Them)

Barez zez em untaneekuh, lav ek? 

            What another day in paradise... The work of the Lord is beautiful in every single way, especially with the wonderful people of Armenia. So this last week was pretty eventful, we traveled around from North Ridge to North Hollywood to Burbank. In North Ridge we gave a quick Armenian 101 with the Elder's and Sister's in that Mission. We were able to meet their mission president and he and his wife were very nice but were asking us a bunch of questions about our work with Armenians. That was interesting but it turned out pretty good and we have received a couple of referrals from it so far. We have been traveling a lot! So I've been able to see a good amount of California, but too bad we are on the freeway most of the time so we really don't see a lot. 

            I'm still studying the language the best I can, I need to speak it more though because we have had only one lesson so far this past week in Armenian and it's rough on me to learn without hearing it that often. I get a good amount of time to study in the car though, and that is nice! We travel out to Burbank and North Hollywood to visit referrals but none so far have been promising. Most of them are just uninterested people who simply just wanted to know what the missionaries who gave us the referral were saying! We really hope for phone numbers so we don't waist so much gas. 

           On Sunday the Armenian group leaders had a meeting with us after Stake Conference. They told us that there is a huge possibility that they are going to be shutting down the Armenian group in our ward and if they do it will be really soon. My guess is that the Mission President is going to keep us in Armenian work though, at least I hope he does anyways. It's quite frustrating though because we really don't have any idea on what they are going to be doing with us, and we have missionaries coming up to us and telling us that they heard they are closing the California Armenian mission down completely. I don't know but I think that would be completely stupid. 

             So if you remember that picture of the selfie with me and that old fart?  We were at his house again and he was telling us this story. It consisted of him, wetting the bed. His wallet was in his pocket at the incident, so being the bright and intelligent man Jerry is he put it in the microwave to dry it. Within seconds his wallet was sparking! He then takes his wallet out, pulled out the credit cards inside and see's them totally fried! Haha funny stuff.

             Anyways...... I have the hardest time comprehending anything these days so I've forgotten everything else that has happened. It's crazy, all the days are blending together and it's getting hard to remember anything. I feel like a 90 year old man with Alzheimer's. I'm trying to cram this language into my brain and it is spitting out everything else, oh my... So if I come home and I can't remember any of your names please forgive me :) Anyways here is a picture of this huge fire that was above California Saturday that left ash covering everything... Spiritual thought of the week... "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass; ... and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls." Alma 37 6-7  Keep doing those small and simple things, and never forget what our end goal is... Eternal Salvation. I love you! Peace out Guys!

-Stress and Hatred- 
Haha just joking
-Peace and blessings-
-Elder Stucki


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