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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 12

Hey hey I got a new laundromat or whatever they are called! So I have wifi in the mornings now! How's it's going? Can you keep sending me pictures of the girls? I got so sad yesterday because we went and met this new family in the ward and they have a little girl who is turning five and she is so old! And it made me super sad and I almost
cried cuz Coco is going to be so old by the time I get back! I'm thinking about living at home for a while when I get home. We'll see, don't get your hopes up though 😉

-Peace & Love- Elder Stucki

​So... I bought two quarts of Thrifty's ice cream and ate them in two days... That right there is what it looked like... 

Anyways this week was FIRE! Let's just say that things are looking up for the time being. Oh and I'm going bald... Stress will get to you!!! Anyways I've come to terms that I will be looking like my handsome Grandpa :) I've got to go though not much time, today was super duper busy! Peace and blessings everyone!

- I was supposed to put that here - 
-Elder Stucki

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