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Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 14 Sad Days in the Pad

        This past week has been going pretty well. We got transfer calls this Saturday... I was betting that Elder Mepin (He has been learning Armenian for over a year) would come back, and then we would be a 2 companionship Armenian Squad. Quite the opposite happened... Elder Coca was called to East LA, training... I'm so sad! He was such an amazing missionary and example. I will truly miss him. I'm going to do my best to keep this companionship strong, and stay 110% exactly obedient. I think if we do this we will have continual success. I'm finally in a two person companionship which is nice! The first time on my mission😂 I also just finished training! I'm so excited I don't have to be trained anymore because now we have a whole hour extra of proselyting! 

        Oh and other thing that's cool, I'm district leader...Woot woot! I'm excited to help out my District and keep them on fire! It's cool because Elder Fu became A zone leader and Elder Baguley moved out and Elder Cambell moved in. So we are sharing a pad with the Zone Leaders which is cool because I'll be able to better learn from
their example. Plus I have a work out buddy now cuz Elder Cambell loves to lift as well.

            So on Tuesday we were trying to talk to this guy in Chinese and this lady walks up to us and starts asking us questions. So I went over and started talking to her and she was asking us if we could help her with her income taxes. I was willing to help her until she handed me the materials... I open the bag and saw there was only news papers and an address book. She then followed with a question if there was enough paper and if I need more. The situation became extremely awkward until this huge Armenian guy walks up to us all and yells "Come, come, come listen! Where is God?! Where is He? There is so much killing, He is gone. My God is gone!" At this point we have a Chinese dude, old crazy lady, and a huge Armenian dude talking to us.  It was a blessing though because the Armenian dude scared off the other two and all we had to do was run from him. The situation ended up well I guess 😅

            We have been continually teaching the lessons to Artur everyday and he is becoming more and more prepared. I'm so excited for him, it's going to be an amazing baptism this weekend! Besides Artur we haven't found any new investigators and we are continuing to search. We had a picnic on Saturday which was pretty fun with all of the Armenian group. I had to give a spiritual message at the beginning and I tried doing it in Armenian...  Hence the word tried because I was talking about family the whole time but since the word food is
almost the same word I ended up talking about food the entire time. Anyways Armenian is coming along slowly and the work is coming along amazingly! I love this work so much, I can't explain it. I'm so blessed to be able to serve a mission! I'll end of coarse by baring testimony that our Savior loves us. I know our Father and Mother in
Heaven are with us every step of the way and want to help us as much as they can. Boom. I love this gospel.


Last dinner with the Bradly's

One of our less actives, Marcus


Peace and love
-Elder Stucki

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