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Friday, April 22, 2016

Yesterday's Events In Glendale, California

Received this email from some members in California:

Yesterday was another wonderful day for our family. My wife and I continue our move into Glendale to live with our oldest daughter. 

My health continues to deteriorate and accepting the hospitality of our children is a great blessing.  Yesterday we just about completed the move. Over the years we've accumulated many different items we keep weeding through, but still have too much junque.

Anyway to make my story shorter, yesterday our youngest daughter drove a small truck of junque from Orange County to Glendale California and we needed help unloading all our "precious" items into a storage garage.

On Sunday we sent out the clarion call and we were blessed with the help of your wonderful missionary sons.  Elders (in alphabetical order) Coca-Frias, Pinter, and Stuki all arrived early, were dressed in work cloths with their identifying badges on, clean, wonderful spirits, it would be quite impossible to have any negative to say or think about them.  We had an opening prayer, they listened to the instructions from my wife, and unloaded everything perfectly, in very short order, and then they were off to their next meeting.

Several weeks ago we had signed up to feed the Elders, so you'll never guess who we had for dinner last night.  You made a good guess, we had Elders Coca-Frias, Pinter, and Stuki.  They appeared on time, clean, smelling good, and an other testament to the way their families have raised them.  We had dinner, which was followed by lesson based on one of the Prophets taught from the first of the month.  Testimonies were shared, a closing prayer was given and they were off to their next meetings.

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful children and now sharing them with the world.

Best regards,

Dolphe Roome



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