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Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 4

 Not much is going on, we pretty much visit members and go tracking during the days because we don't have anyone in our teaching pool. I've only used Armenian a couple times so far on the mission! I was hoping to use it a lot more. My companions are cool, I really don't have any complaints with them besides how gross our house is, but we cleaned it today so I think I can finally start going bear foot but I don't know yet. 

 Now that I'm actually using my brain my ADHD is going off the hook!!! I'm trying and learning new ways to handle it but it will work out with Faith. Another one of my concerns is my brain, I'm loosing it and my vision isn't improving. It sucks because I know threw the Atonement that my sins are forgiven but I literally see the effects from them everyday. I pray so hard that I will be made whole again. If you could keep some of these things in your prayers for me that would be great.

 I still haven't recieved my I pad because when we went to get them the system that downloads onto your I pad was shut down. I guess everyone receiving I pads that day wasn't able to get any. 

-Elder Stucki-

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