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Monday, March 28, 2016

First Week in The Field

Lets just say it's been great. I can't seem to rap my head around the fact that I'm a missionary but I think it's slowly starting to set in. The plane ride was great and some Spanish missionaries picked me up from the airport.
On the plane I sat next a bro who was a Videographer for the Church. He was on his way to record a seminar for Elder Oaks. Nice guy. But anyways we load my stuff up in the car and the first thing we do is go to an investigators house. Nobody was there but we ended up speaking with one of the neighbors who was extremely nice. It was all in Spanish so I only picked a few words but the overall lesson was great! I ended up baring my Testimony by say muy importante. We then visited another family where we did some service for them. Once again they spoke nothing but Spanish but was still an amazing experience. I ended up sweeping all the floors it was pretty great. We ended with a lesson and left. We stopped by the mission house on the way back after getting In&out. That's where I finally got to meet the Mission President. Such a great guy. He has such a strong spirit with him. During this whole experience I was pretty flustered and felt like I didn't belong until I met the Armenian Elders! Elder Mapen came up to my and said Barev Dzez and I immediately gave him a hug! then the two other Elders came and it felt like a family reunion. After situating some things with the mission president and stuff we left and went back to the "pad" which is where we are staying. That's when I figured out that Elder Mapen was leaving to go to a different district with some English speaking missionaries and I was replacing him. Oh and guess what... I'm in another TRIO! Elders Coca Frias, Doermann, and Mepen. I honestly didn't think that would happen. We left and went knocking doors after dropping off my stuff and ended up speaking to many different Armenians, it was definitely scary cuz I was having to talk to people and try to understand them but it wasn't to bad. We walked over to Kris's house (an inactive member) to which I asked him out when and why he was baptized. He gave this beautiful story of how and why and the spirit was so strong. The Armenian people are so amazing!!! Then we left, and visited a newly joined member who is the one of the strangest people I've ever met. He's gay (black) and wants to be a girl, but he's fine with the body he has because he knows that Jesus and Heavenly father love him. He also mumbles at the speed of sound, it's pretty much an entirely different language. I think I can understand Armenian better than I can understand him. but its all good. We dropped Elder Mepen off at the other Elders house and went back to the pad. I got to my bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Saturday was eventful with much happening but no success. We went and did service for my favorite people Michael and Bridget. Bridget is a member but Michael isn't. After changing at their house Bridget took us to their second house that her mother gave them and it was so cool! Small, nice, has a pool, chickens, and a garden in the back yard. I told her she has to sell it to me some day. Anyways it was great and took us to Chinese food after. Easter Sunday was great and the spirit was so strong, I honestly love the Armenian people. Most of them are so nice and they all look the same and I think it's extremely funny. I can't wait to keep serving. It's going to be tuff but the reward will be so great. A lot of other little stuff happened but I'm short on time, I'll be able to write a lot more when I have my I Pad. But thanks for the support guys!!!! Pictures will be next week (Sorry Mom, love you)

-Elder Stucki

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