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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 4 MTC

Barev zez! Hello friends and family! I feel like I was just barely writing to you all. So with much work the language is getting better... Slowly but it's getting there. We talked to some of the TRC people after who are basically return missionaries from Armenia and they said that we are way ahead of schedule, which is good! The food is getting to me. But it's all good! I get to have a meeting with a surgeon on Monday to discuss a cyst that has recently developed. SOOO I get to have surgery while at the MTC! How fun is that? We actually get to leave to go to the hospital so that's a relief... Wish me luck! Life's to short to bring all of God's children unto him so do your best to share. If you EVER get the feeling (BY the way that the Holy Ghost) to share the message to someone do it! We can all be missionaries whether or not we are actually missionaries. I love all of you and I'm extremely grateful for all the love and support you give me. Remember who we are, remember who our Savior is... Children of God. PEACE ✌ 

-Elder Stucki









Mom sent a care package to Michael with donuts from her and orange Crush from Megan.


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