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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 1 and a half MTC

What has been the best part about the MTC so far?

The best part of the MTC is the Spirit. It is so strong here. I love how it's always with me and how I'm able to use it always. I was bawling during this talk called Character of Christ. It was amazing look it up!!!!!!!!!!(Link on profile) I maybe cried... During the entire thing but it was awesome! 

Are you getting enough to eat? Should I send snacks?

I don't need really any food, I'm constantly eating. I haven't been hungry once! The food isn’t the best but it’s definitely better than some other food I’ve had.

What miracle have you witnessed so far?

Miracle's... I lost my key card the other day, looked everywhere for it. Then my buddy Elder Thomson who just left to Madagascar asked if I had prayed. I hadn't. So I got down on my knees and asked God where I could find it, and literally right after saying amen I knew exactly where it was.

I've grown just in the last week and continually as the days go by. I love it here. I have two companions, both smart and dedicated to the purpose. One of them (Elder Mcgaven) and I share a somewhat similar past. My companions/people in my class are extremely smart. Two of them go to BYU with 3.99 GPA and the other goes to Utah. The gears in my head are a rusted and I'm slowly starting to move them. I'm struggling but will come out. Study/work as if it all depends on you, pray as if it all depends on God.

The MTC experience so far has been amazing. My companions are pretty cool. But what’s been going on in my head has been a roller coaster. At times I’m so spiritually high that I feel like I can accomplish anything, but then I feel so low of myself that, well, I guess it’s the opposite. The language is hard, it has a whole new alphabet and is completely different from what we know. So far I’ve been picking it up extremely slowly and always forget what to say. The second day we were here we had to give a lesson in it! Holy cow!!! The work I'm doing here is awesome, I love it. 
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